I’m so sorry for being MIA this last month! Things have been a little crazy since putting our house up for sale. Everything always seems to get all busy at once. I have worked on a few things and have just been lazy about getting them posted- J is cutting his two year molars. So having a not good sleeper on top of teething, this momma is totally wiped out! I close my eyes any chance I get these days, which isn’t much.

But anywho enough of that! Back to the title: I LOVE FELT!!! It is so versatile! I’ve been working on some felt food for J’s play kitchen. And today I made a super easy felt board, and I had everything on hand, love when that happens!!

(sorry if the pictures aren’t great, this post is on my phone)
Started off I was letting him pick colors out for more food, then thought we should do a flannel board, it’d be fun. Well why couldn’t I use felt, and I just happened to have a big piece of white felt from my niece’s Christmas present last year, and had a big piece of cardboard in the garage, so we got to work.
First- I trimmed my piece of felt to figure out what size I could even do, I figured out I could do my cardboard 20×17 which turned out to be perfect o think. That left me with about an inch to hot glue on the back. Im going to put a piece of paper over the back to make to look cleaner, just didn’t get to it yet. So I got to work, I have more I’m going to cut out for him to put on there, but I think the possibilities are endless- numbers, letters, shapes, colors, pieces for stories, food pieces, animals….. He was having a blast already.