Sneak peek…

So I know I’ve been a little lacking lately. I apologize! But doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on things. Naptime and bedtimes have been spent lately sucked into J’s scrapbook, which I’m behind in too, bit slowly catching up. Moments here and there spent working on things for his 2nd birthday party. It’s going to be Sesame Street themed and we are so excited! It is his absolute favorite! We’ve got Sesame Street coming out the wazzoo at our house.
He sleeps with Elmo, Cookie and Murray every night. Then majority of the day is spent playing with his Sesame Street house and characters, we’ve got cups and plates(thank you target dollar bins!), coloring books, a couch, hat, shirts, and couple episodes a day. I must say I love it too, which is making this party planning a little more difficult :). I keep saying I’m not gonna go too crazy, but being home all day and my brain working, its hard! I don’t even know how many times I’ve called my mom and said ” listen to this!”
But I thought I’d give a little sneak peek, but I’ll save a big post about it after, complete with lots of pictures.


Weight Watchers, here’s to a healthier, happier, hopefully thinner me!

I will admit I signed up for weight watchers last summer, but I was never very good about tracking. I do not have an iPhone to use the app and it was hard with a toddler to get to the computer to always keep track, and hanging with my nephews, wanting to make them all sorts of good stuff didn’t help either. But I have always struggled with my weight, in high school I lost 25 pounds during the summer of my sophomore and junior year, I used slimfast and was very active at camp. Then gradually put the weight back on over the next five years, but then lost it again for our wedding, with a mix of slimfast and healthy eating and joining a gym. And of course gradually put the weight back on over the years, then add pregnancy weight. And now he is about to turn 2, and I’m stuck! My husbands work is doing a program in which they will pay 100% for weight watchers online, so I said no time like the present, I’ve tried to do it on my own and I cant I need help, I need something to hold me accountable! Sp I am only on day 2 but I am tracking everything I eat as I eat it (with some serious searching finally found how to track it on my windows phone), with being a SAHM with a spouse who works 2nd shift it is very difficult to find time to myself to exercise, and I don’t really like to, I’ll be honest. But I’m trying to find some fun ways to incorporate it into my day. So I’m hoping putting it on here will help hold me accountable, and maybe I’ll get to do a liberating before and after picture :). So wish me luck!

Simple Table Decor

I have switched our kitchen table around so much the last couple years, decor wise. I wanted something small, simple, pretty to look at, and easy to move. (is that too much to ask?!)
And after living here 3 and half years, I think I got it! And it was under my nose most of the time!
The yo-yo runner I made 3 years ago. The little milk bottles I got at big lots, probably 2-3 years ago, they’ve just been jumbled around the house. Had to hunt down the third one, finally found it! YAY! I originally was gonna tie a ribbon around them, but didn’t really like any of my choices on hand, so I tried jute and loved it.
I thought after a few days it needed some flowers though, was thinking yellow would be pretty. Then on a short trip to Michael’s for some paint for my home bound mother, I found these pretty ones that match the one plant in there now, they were a $1.19 for a bundle of 3, I used 2 so it would look fuller. And I now can fully say that I LOVE it!

Ever feel a little overwhelmed…

Have had a little bit of an overwhelming last week and a half. Hoping it settles a little soon. My mother fell while painting and broke her hip last week. And trying to help out my brother and sister in law with my nephews, while my brother is working out of state. J’s b-day is fast approaching and I have so much to get done for his party and around the house. Now he is battling a cold and teeth, heading to a ENT appt in bout an hour, so we’ll see what he has to say too, I’m thinking maybe a second round for tubes. And I keep finding all these wonderful ideas on pinterest and blogs, oh I need more hours in a day, or more hours in naptime! But with all this going on, I’m reminded how lucky I am that I have a family I can help, a little boy we can celebrate, and a home that I can do projects for. I have been blessed beyond measure, and am so thankful. Now I just need to get some things done!

Wood Scrap Spring Decor

After another snow fall this week I was in serious need of some Spring! Hope this project brings some sunshine to you, as it did for me!

I have seen so many decor ideas like this on pinterest, especially around christmas, which is when it sparked my interest, just hadn’t found the time. Then the other day it hit me, and I said “self go look in that box in garage”, (that has been in there for over 3 years.) The box I am talking about is full of wood scraps, it was left by the previous owner (which is my father-in-law). But I think it has just been passed through owner to owner, but it was my lucky day! I found exactly what I needed!

Nevermind the fact that there is only five and spring has six letters, I didn't catch my mistake till I was planning my letters out.

Nevermind the fact that there is only five and spring has six letters, I didn’t catch my mistake till I was planning my letters out.

After I used my gardening gloves to reach around in there,( I’m a weirdo when it comes to reaching into places that spiders may be inhabiting!) I gave them a good sanding, mine were dirty and really rough, who knows how long they had been in there. Then I brought them in to paint, I just used acrylic paint. I was almost out of one type but thankfully I had the same color in another brand, I used a warm white/vanilla.

Both are from Michaels

Both are from Michaels


A certain little boy was having fun stacking them, that may be anthor project another day.

A certain little boy was having fun stacking them, that may be anthor project another day.

I let mine dry over night (it was bedtime). I wanted mine to have a rustic feel, so I sanded the edges and corners down, but this part is all up to you. IMG_3257
Then to really give it the feel I wanted I took a wet paper towel and dabbed it with stain. I had a few little cans in the garage so I just used what I had on hand. Mine was Minwax wood finish in Provincial.IMG_3255 I just rubbed it all over especially focusing on the edges an corners. ( I went thru a few paper towels)IMG_3253 I had read on a blog (I’m sorry I can’t remember which one, but they put the stain on the edges and left it for 15 min then wiped it off but I tried and it immediately soaked in, so thats when I tried the wet towel approach)
didn't like this, thankfully I first tried it on the back of one.

didn’t like this, thankfully I first tried it on the back of one.

Here's what they look like all rustic like, yes still there is only five, didn't catch it till the next step.

Here’s what they look like all rustic like, yes still there is only five, didn’t catch it till the next step.

After I figured out how I would arrange them, I measured the height of each one so I could use my Cricut and cut vinyl to fit. You could also use scrapbook letters and paper, stencils, or freehand it. Just have fun with it! Now this is the part where I was typing my letters out and went, ” Oh you Dingle Dork! Spring has SIX letters!” So I said a little silent prayer hoping that there was another block out there, and JACKPOT! This project was meant to be!
With my cricut I used the Jubilee, Create a Critter, and Craft Room Basics cartridges for the designs.IMG_3269

Thank you Target dollar bins!

Been a busy last week, J cutting more teeth and screwed up naptimes, napped through ENT appointment, working on project orders for people and a cake order in the oven as I type, and a much needed day with my mom. But working on a spring decor project hoping to finish and post later today.
But in a glorious trip to target for their 99 cent eggs, of course had to stop in the dollar aisles. I found these for an upcoming project for my craft table. Hoping next week for that! I thought just maybe they’d have some little buckets, but then I just saw Easter ones, then dry erase ones not really my style, but then galvanized polka dots!!!!! ABSOLUTELY!! So stay tuned(if you want:))

More than cookies, memories….

Now I like to cook, but I love to bake. I always enjoyed helping my mom in the kitchen, and I had a Great Aunt that used to put me on her kitchen counter and just let me make all sorts of strange concoctions. It was only years later did it dawn on me that most likely when she would try them, was she actually pretending. But that was the wonderful kind of lady she was. I took Home Ec. loved it. But wasn’t really till I was 19-20 did I really realize my love of baking. It became one of my stress relievers, which sometimes isn’t so great, for I tend to also be a stress eater, but I’m working on that. But anyway it’s one thing on a gloomy or rough day that always makes me feel better even if it’s just an easy batch of chocolate chip cookies, I always try to keep chocolate chips on hand for this very reason. J is at the point where he loves to help me do anything and in the last couple months, he’s been helping in the kitchen, he stands on a stool right next to me. And today it truly hit me, we’re not just making cookies (it was one of those days) but we’re making memories. I know he is still young ,in two months exactly he will be 2, but they have flown by. And someday in the future he won’t want to help me anymore, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that, but I know they grow up. But for now I will continue to take his help in the kitchen, because I hope one day he looks back with fond memories, no matter what we were making. I’m sure one day I’ll even let him try his hand at his own concoctions, and I’ll pretend to eat it.