Fun Felt!!

So I have been extremely busy this summer. I don’t even have a child in school yet, but I am ready for school to start so we slow down a bit too. J has been working on his 2 yr. molars for the last 2 months so have been tired at our house, so I am usually in bed right after him! And not even gonna lie some days napping with him, this allergy season has hit me hard this year too, ready for a frost! Now I am buying the actual Allegra D , which has to be bought through the pharmacy, and only get 10 pills, c’mon do I really look like I’m mixing meth at my house? No I have teeth!, and really at least give me enough to last 2 weeks, which is the span between my grocery trips. (hubs gets pd. twice a month, those are my grocery days! Yay! not really! it used to be fun to go to the store, not anymore!)

This summer my brother and his family moved to Minster, OH. A very nice little town, last week my mother, J and I went and stayed there overnight to spend some time with them. Had a blast! Its only about an hour and a half from where we live, but far enough can’t just stop by :(. I come from a very small family and they are the first ones to move away. But they are happy, so therefore I am too!

Well enough of my yammering, I swear I have been doing some projects, I have just been lazy with getting them put on so here we go:

I had seen the cutest fishing game on pinterest and though J would have a blast with it. Then once I looked at it, found the fish were made of paper, not real durable for a 2 yr. old. So I went to my handy felt filled tote and got to work!
I just drew an easy, typical fish shape. picked out my felt, then I folded my felt in half and pinned my pattern to it so therefore I only had to do one cut! And I actually cut these out while sitting on the bathroom floor while J was taking a bath.

My pattern which you can see wasn't perfect from the beginning

My pattern which you can see wasn’t perfect from the beginning


Pin pattern to doubled felt = 1 cut

Pin pattern to doubled felt = 1 cut

I had originally planned (and had already made one this way) on just putting a magnet right inside the mouth and stitched around it to keep it in place, but then I found the magnets were too weak, or my felt too thick, it would not hold. So disappointed I called my mother and she said “what about a big paper clip?”- Thank you Ma! she is my brain when I do not have one! So I looked all around and found just the right amount of larger paper clips. I left them sticking out around the double loop, the first loop hanging out and used the second loop to stitch around.DSCN7210

Then I just did a running stitch about a 1/4″ in to keep them together, you could always hot glue them, but not sure if the glue would make them heavier though. I left a small hole before stitching them all the way up an put a little stuffing in there to give them a little body.

just a little stuffing will do

just a little stuffing will do

all stitched up!

all stitched up!

Then for the hook, I already had this big magnet hook, I believe I had gotten it at Walmart when we were first married to hang wreaths on our front door at our apartment, and now just hung on the fridge for now, so I tied a knot around the hook and put some hot glue on it and wrapped it around a few times, then the pole I already had a dowel rod from a previous project so like the hook I knotted it and put hot glue and wrapped it a few times. DSCN7213


Now we are ready to rock n ro…fish???DSCN7222




Jakob Loved it!!! We play with it all the time, I just have to watch him, he is a boy and gets a little crazy with the pole sometimes–Hiya!!!

Another fun felt project I did in the last couple weeks- and I actually was one of the very first things I had ever pinned on Pinterest. The Dino sweatshirts.

excuse the pjs

excuse the pjs

this was way easier than I ever would have thought! the hardest part was finding a sweatshirt to use. He had one but didn’t want to mess it up, so I looked at goodwill-nothing, Meijer- $12 ( more than I wanted to spend if I screwed up!), went to Once upon a Child found this one for $2.50 that’s all this project cost me! Love that! The felt and thread I had. Now I used her template and it worked wonderfully! I did end up putting 12 on. And instead of doing all the sewing by hand, I sewed them on to the sweatshirt with my machine, I just drew a straight line down it and lined them up and pinned them on and ran it through.DSCN7284 Now I cannot lie twice I accidentally sewed to hood to itself, oops, but it was an easy fix. Then I sat and watched TV as I closed them up then took about around hour I think, then it was ready for him in the morning. He loved it, he wore it for 2 hours around the house till I made him take it off cause he was sweating.

He couldn't not look at me, wanted a side view

He couldn’t not look at me, wanted a side view

excuse the pjs

excuse the pjs

I absolutely loved this and plan on making him more!
J just got up from nap so calling it quits for now, but more to come!! We LOVE felt!



I’m so sorry for being MIA this last month! Things have been a little crazy since putting our house up for sale. Everything always seems to get all busy at once. I have worked on a few things and have just been lazy about getting them posted- J is cutting his two year molars. So having a not good sleeper on top of teething, this momma is totally wiped out! I close my eyes any chance I get these days, which isn’t much.

But anywho enough of that! Back to the title: I LOVE FELT!!! It is so versatile! I’ve been working on some felt food for J’s play kitchen. And today I made a super easy felt board, and I had everything on hand, love when that happens!!

(sorry if the pictures aren’t great, this post is on my phone)
Started off I was letting him pick colors out for more food, then thought we should do a flannel board, it’d be fun. Well why couldn’t I use felt, and I just happened to have a big piece of white felt from my niece’s Christmas present last year, and had a big piece of cardboard in the garage, so we got to work.
First- I trimmed my piece of felt to figure out what size I could even do, I figured out I could do my cardboard 20×17 which turned out to be perfect o think. That left me with about an inch to hot glue on the back. Im going to put a piece of paper over the back to make to look cleaner, just didn’t get to it yet. So I got to work, I have more I’m going to cut out for him to put on there, but I think the possibilities are endless- numbers, letters, shapes, colors, pieces for stories, food pieces, animals….. He was having a blast already.

Wood Scrap Spring Decor

After another snow fall this week I was in serious need of some Spring! Hope this project brings some sunshine to you, as it did for me!

I have seen so many decor ideas like this on pinterest, especially around christmas, which is when it sparked my interest, just hadn’t found the time. Then the other day it hit me, and I said “self go look in that box in garage”, (that has been in there for over 3 years.) The box I am talking about is full of wood scraps, it was left by the previous owner (which is my father-in-law). But I think it has just been passed through owner to owner, but it was my lucky day! I found exactly what I needed!

Nevermind the fact that there is only five and spring has six letters, I didn't catch my mistake till I was planning my letters out.

Nevermind the fact that there is only five and spring has six letters, I didn’t catch my mistake till I was planning my letters out.

After I used my gardening gloves to reach around in there,( I’m a weirdo when it comes to reaching into places that spiders may be inhabiting!) I gave them a good sanding, mine were dirty and really rough, who knows how long they had been in there. Then I brought them in to paint, I just used acrylic paint. I was almost out of one type but thankfully I had the same color in another brand, I used a warm white/vanilla.

Both are from Michaels

Both are from Michaels


A certain little boy was having fun stacking them, that may be anthor project another day.

A certain little boy was having fun stacking them, that may be anthor project another day.

I let mine dry over night (it was bedtime). I wanted mine to have a rustic feel, so I sanded the edges and corners down, but this part is all up to you. IMG_3257
Then to really give it the feel I wanted I took a wet paper towel and dabbed it with stain. I had a few little cans in the garage so I just used what I had on hand. Mine was Minwax wood finish in Provincial.IMG_3255 I just rubbed it all over especially focusing on the edges an corners. ( I went thru a few paper towels)IMG_3253 I had read on a blog (I’m sorry I can’t remember which one, but they put the stain on the edges and left it for 15 min then wiped it off but I tried and it immediately soaked in, so thats when I tried the wet towel approach)
didn't like this, thankfully I first tried it on the back of one.

didn’t like this, thankfully I first tried it on the back of one.

Here's what they look like all rustic like, yes still there is only five, didn't catch it till the next step.

Here’s what they look like all rustic like, yes still there is only five, didn’t catch it till the next step.

After I figured out how I would arrange them, I measured the height of each one so I could use my Cricut and cut vinyl to fit. You could also use scrapbook letters and paper, stencils, or freehand it. Just have fun with it! Now this is the part where I was typing my letters out and went, ” Oh you Dingle Dork! Spring has SIX letters!” So I said a little silent prayer hoping that there was another block out there, and JACKPOT! This project was meant to be!
With my cricut I used the Jubilee, Create a Critter, and Craft Room Basics cartridges for the designs.IMG_3269

Thank you Target dollar bins!

Been a busy last week, J cutting more teeth and screwed up naptimes, napped through ENT appointment, working on project orders for people and a cake order in the oven as I type, and a much needed day with my mom. But working on a spring decor project hoping to finish and post later today.
But in a glorious trip to target for their 99 cent eggs, of course had to stop in the dollar aisles. I found these for an upcoming project for my craft table. Hoping next week for that! I thought just maybe they’d have some little buckets, but then I just saw Easter ones, then dry erase ones not really my style, but then galvanized polka dots!!!!! ABSOLUTELY!! So stay tuned(if you want:))

DIY Floorcloth


I had planned on writing about this a week ago, then the hubs had some unexpected shift changes, so I took that time and spent them with him. And had every intention of doing it yesterday during nap, but naptime came and went with no nap. So J actually is spending some time at G-ma and G-pa’s today, to give this momma a much needed little break. So here it is…

I of course had seen this one pinterest and had it saved for a sometime project, and while painting the back door I got paint on our excisting rug, and it was looking kinda sad. So I thought it was time.

It used to be so bright and cheerful, now just kinda looks sad

It used to be so bright and cheerful, now just kinda looks sad

I hadn’t even started working and someone was already whining at me… My sweet Bubba (major momma’s boy!)IMG_3090
I found it here through pinterest But it is originally from here ( I could spend hours just going from blog to blog to blog!)
I had bought a yard of this Home Decor fabric for another project but went another direction, so I thought it was perfect for this!IMG_3084
 It's from Joanns

It’s from Joanns

I didn’t use all of the fabric, so it will just be up to you what size you want it to be. You will also need: a rubber rug,( mine is from Menards, it was over by the carpet on a roll and I had to have them cut it for me)( I had to get mine twice because I was too stubborn and didn’t listen to my mother and ended up with too small aof a piece) anyway– WATER BASED polyurathane, the other will yellow, I used polycrylic, a paint brush, Duct tape, and spray adhesive.IMG_3086
On one side mine had ridges, so I used the smooth side.

On one side mine had ridges, so I used the smooth side.

IMG_3088 I figured out what my size would be.IMG_3092 I wanted it to fit right up against the door, cause stuff gets tracked in there all the time. I used a long ruler and my hubs big exacto knife to cut it. I ironed my fabric ( I had read in comments that it helped in the adhesive part) I sprayed the adhesive on the mat, then placed it on top of the back of the fabric. (I had gotten repositionable adhesive, this was better for me cause I had to re place it a few times)IMG_3093 Once I got it on and believed it to be straight I flipped it over, smoothed it out, then I cut my fabric down. You will want to leave it a few inches out so that you can fold the fabric over the back.IMG_3094 Then I took it to the table- (my kitchen table is where most of my projects take place)IMG_3095 I actually used a lint roller over it before I started brushing the polycrylic on.IMG_3096
This is after two coats, getting shiny!

This is after two coats, getting shiny!

In all I did 3 coats, it gets alot of traffic at that door. ( I used newspaper underneath but I recommend using plastic, I had to peel paper off at parts where it stuck) When it was all dry,(I waited overnight) Flip it over and you can start taping the fabric to the mat, trust me no one will see the bottom. I worried about the way it looked too, but I’m over it now! They have the perfect way to fold corners on thier site, I had no idea to do it this way. One reason I wanted to replace the old rug was it was always sliding around and constantly getting stuck under the door. DRIVING ME NUTS!! So I really wanted to make sure this one was not going anywhere! So I taped one of those skid mats to it too.IMG_3112 And after all the taping…. YOU ARE DONE! Put your rug down and enjoy! I love the fact that I can wipe any dirt that the dogs track in. I will be great for the summer.

I did notice that when I was applying the polycrylic, the adhesive wasn’t fully holding down the fabric in some places, but I’m not sure if its because I was using repositionable, or if it would have done that anyway. I wasn’t totally sold, I realized I had cut it slightly slanted but, I got over it nad now I really do love it!! I plan on eventually making more.

Colorful Crayon Organizer with Liner

IMG_3175 So I was cleaning up a little boys closet when I got to his art supplies, and just had the jars of crayons sitting on the shelf because I had to take bake my cake pan, for a cake- go figure! this is sorta the original one I made( minus a jar he threw on the floor).IMG_3125
I found it here. I was so cute, but not very prctical for a toddler( lack of thought on my part) then I had remembered seeing something like this.
I thought well I have 1 shoebox, but don’t really want one that big, then it occured to me (since I can’t throw anything away!, Don’t call hoarders yet!) I have the shoe boxes tucked away from Jakob’s shoes cause they were so cute and tiny I just could’nt throw them away!

So I pulled out a box, decided to spray paint it bright green for fun!IMG_3127IMG_3132IMG_3133 Then I wrangled up some toliet paper tubes, sprayed them with Lysol (cooties, ewww) I cut them in half, but whatever you want.IMG_3126IMG_3129 I painted the outsides and about halfway inside. You of course don’t have to do this, I just thought it would add some fun, and anything I can do to help him learn his colors I’m game. ( Trying to make him a weird genius, so no girl will ever want to take him from me! kidding sorta) IMG_3158IMG_3157 So here is the box all painted,

I hot glued that little flap down. Fun though, right?

I hot glued that little flap down. Fun though, right?

I decided I wanted to make a liner for the box, so it didn’t look like a shoebox, I have used this tutorial before and loved it. (It’s the easiest way for me to do it) I meausured out my sides and bottom, and added an inch or so to the sides for the fold over, I’m a visual person so I have to cut a pattern.IMG_3159 After I cut them out I used my iron and ironed a small fold, for the seam on all of the sidesIMG_3163IMG_3164 After that I pinned two sides to the bottom and sewed those onIMG_3167IMG_3168 after sewing those on repeat with the last two sidesIMG_3169 Then I just pinched the corners togetherIMG_3170 and ran them threw my machine, they didn’t always line up perfectly, I say thats my personality shining thru. After I got all four corners done this is what it looked like IMG_3171 I placed it in my box, then had to figure out why it wouldn’t lay right( cause I had it sideways) DUH! IMG_3173IMG_3172 I then placed a piece of paper in the bottom so the crayons wouldn’t mark on the fabricIMG_3174 Then I put the tubes in. And add your crayons!IMG_3175IMG_3176 I love how it turned out, and if he throws it or takes them all out, its just cardboard and I don’t have to clean up broken glass again. He loves it.IMG_3178

Cookie Sheet, This Week memo board


So I am a Pinterestaholic! I admit it openly! It’s like my crack, I can’t stop, nor do I want to!! but I had pinned long ago this nifty Goal list and I wanted it. I need motivation!, it is so cute, but I thought it was a pdf, when I realized it wasn’t I was kinda bummed. But then I remembered seeing this Super cute! Then I got super excited! Because I am like my mother (mean that in a good sense!) and I cannot get rid of some things. (This is always in my head- what if I find a use then I threw or gave it away, what then?!?) So I tend to hang on to things till I get absolutely tired of moving it. But anyway, This past weekend when Kyle (the hubs) and his wonderful stepdad Terry were installing my new dishwaher (YAY!!) They had to empty some of the cabinets, one of which being my cookie sheet, cooling rack one. Well when all said and done I realized how many cookie sheets (and cooling racks- thats for another time 🙂 couldn’t throw them away!) I have two pampered chef stones that I ALWAYS use, but found this small, cheap, and kinda rusty one in there, so since I couldn’t get rid of it I stuck it in my cupboard in the garage, and lo and behold I found a use!! SEE I’m not just a packrat, but a resourceful one at that!!



So I new I had some paper that I’ve been dying to use just couldn’t figure out what forIMG_3068< Then I spray painted my cookie sheet, right now I’m in love with the Rustoleum bronze metal spray paint, (been busy using it on our existing door knobs, but have used it on everything!) IMG_3069IMG_3073 pulled out the trusty Mod Podge! Then I cut my paper to the size I wanted each, I knew I wanted them to slightly overlap each other.IMG_3070 But I had to round the edges, so I just laid the cookie sheet and over my paper an traced it, then used that piece as a template for the bottom paper.IMG_3071IMG_3072 So started in with the Mod Podge,. I used a thin coat and put each piece in, then put a thin coat on top, I had a few air bubbles just tried to work them out, I have also found if you take a needle or pin and carefully poke a small hole it helps, IMG_3075 I ended up doing two coats on top, to make sure my pretty paper was protected. I knew I wanted to do some form of words on it, but didn’t want to cover it all up with post its, so I got on my Cricut Craft Room and played around a littleIMG_3102 Came up with this, I know so hard!, but decisions, decisions!IMG_3103 LOVE cutting vinyl, have used it more for that than actual scrapbooking! And instead of transfer tape I’ve been using contact paper, much cheaper and get so much more! IMG_3105 So it’s done and I LOVE it, used a mix of each. Now to hang it, I have been using these to hang everything these days, their great and easy!IMG_3104 I knew exactly where I wanted it! I put it on the end of my cabinet right by my pantry door, Momma’s memo sheet. Put my notes to myself, put recipes for the week, still use for goal or whatever you want!IMG_3108 So Cute! I love it!

Since I showed you this paper, had to show the wool applique I did when I first got the cupcake paper, a few years ago.IMG_3115 It hangs in my kitchen, want to find a frame for it but kinda an awkward size. Just goes to show you can find inspiration anywhere!