Fun Felt!!

So I have been extremely busy this summer. I don’t even have a child in school yet, but I am ready for school to start so we slow down a bit too. J has been working on his 2 yr. molars for the last 2 months so have been tired at our house, so I am usually in bed right after him! And not even gonna lie some days napping with him, this allergy season has hit me hard this year too, ready for a frost! Now I am buying the actual Allegra D , which has to be bought through the pharmacy, and only get 10 pills, c’mon do I really look like I’m mixing meth at my house? No I have teeth!, and really at least give me enough to last 2 weeks, which is the span between my grocery trips. (hubs gets pd. twice a month, those are my grocery days! Yay! not really! it used to be fun to go to the store, not anymore!)

This summer my brother and his family moved to Minster, OH. A very nice little town, last week my mother, J and I went and stayed there overnight to spend some time with them. Had a blast! Its only about an hour and a half from where we live, but far enough can’t just stop by :(. I come from a very small family and they are the first ones to move away. But they are happy, so therefore I am too!

Well enough of my yammering, I swear I have been doing some projects, I have just been lazy with getting them put on so here we go:

I had seen the cutest fishing game on pinterest and though J would have a blast with it. Then once I looked at it, found the fish were made of paper, not real durable for a 2 yr. old. So I went to my handy felt filled tote and got to work!
I just drew an easy, typical fish shape. picked out my felt, then I folded my felt in half and pinned my pattern to it so therefore I only had to do one cut! And I actually cut these out while sitting on the bathroom floor while J was taking a bath.

My pattern which you can see wasn't perfect from the beginning

My pattern which you can see wasn’t perfect from the beginning


Pin pattern to doubled felt = 1 cut

Pin pattern to doubled felt = 1 cut

I had originally planned (and had already made one this way) on just putting a magnet right inside the mouth and stitched around it to keep it in place, but then I found the magnets were too weak, or my felt too thick, it would not hold. So disappointed I called my mother and she said “what about a big paper clip?”- Thank you Ma! she is my brain when I do not have one! So I looked all around and found just the right amount of larger paper clips. I left them sticking out around the double loop, the first loop hanging out and used the second loop to stitch around.DSCN7210

Then I just did a running stitch about a 1/4″ in to keep them together, you could always hot glue them, but not sure if the glue would make them heavier though. I left a small hole before stitching them all the way up an put a little stuffing in there to give them a little body.

just a little stuffing will do

just a little stuffing will do

all stitched up!

all stitched up!

Then for the hook, I already had this big magnet hook, I believe I had gotten it at Walmart when we were first married to hang wreaths on our front door at our apartment, and now just hung on the fridge for now, so I tied a knot around the hook and put some hot glue on it and wrapped it around a few times, then the pole I already had a dowel rod from a previous project so like the hook I knotted it and put hot glue and wrapped it a few times. DSCN7213


Now we are ready to rock n ro…fish???DSCN7222




Jakob Loved it!!! We play with it all the time, I just have to watch him, he is a boy and gets a little crazy with the pole sometimes–Hiya!!!

Another fun felt project I did in the last couple weeks- and I actually was one of the very first things I had ever pinned on Pinterest. The Dino sweatshirts.

excuse the pjs

excuse the pjs

this was way easier than I ever would have thought! the hardest part was finding a sweatshirt to use. He had one but didn’t want to mess it up, so I looked at goodwill-nothing, Meijer- $12 ( more than I wanted to spend if I screwed up!), went to Once upon a Child found this one for $2.50 that’s all this project cost me! Love that! The felt and thread I had. Now I used her template and it worked wonderfully! I did end up putting 12 on. And instead of doing all the sewing by hand, I sewed them on to the sweatshirt with my machine, I just drew a straight line down it and lined them up and pinned them on and ran it through.DSCN7284 Now I cannot lie twice I accidentally sewed to hood to itself, oops, but it was an easy fix. Then I sat and watched TV as I closed them up then took about around hour I think, then it was ready for him in the morning. He loved it, he wore it for 2 hours around the house till I made him take it off cause he was sweating.

He couldn't not look at me, wanted a side view

He couldn’t not look at me, wanted a side view

excuse the pjs

excuse the pjs

I absolutely loved this and plan on making him more!
J just got up from nap so calling it quits for now, but more to come!! We LOVE felt!


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