I haven’t forgotten, I swear….

I’m sorry for being non existent these last few weeks, we have decided to put our house up for sale. So any spare moment has been spent painting, touching up, cleaning, decluttering, cleaning, and more cleaning. Plus in the midst of a birthday party, which I swear I will post pictures soon, our camera broke and I had to use my dad’s camera, so he’s putting them on a disc for me (hopefully they are good!).
Oh did I mention that in all of this on Mother’s Day the hubs slammed his finger in the car door. And shattered the tip of his finger (I know-owww!) So a ER visit and few doctor appointments later he seems to finally be on the mend. Never a dull moment around here! But a happier note on my last weigh in I was -14 lbs, but I will admit I have been doing some stress eating and haven’t been tracking so, but I’m gonna get back on track and keep losing!
Most of my craft stuff is packed up, so I’m sorta outta commission for now but hopefully soon I will be back in the game.


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