Anniversary Project

So last week was the hubs and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe its been 5 years already. I can absolutely say that I love him even more now, than I did that day. (but that’s enough of that mushy stuff!)

I’ve been trying to finish up some half finished and bought for projects. Cleaning and organizing are hitting me in spurts, never convenient times mind you.
But I’m working on a wall in our bedroom, random things that I’m tired of moving around, calling it the “Love Wall”, gross I know.
But anyway I have seen these all over pinterest, and wanted to make one, even bought the frame months ago ( one of the things I’m tired of moving!) Picture of first dance with song written on the mat. I’d been putting it off cause I thought for sure I’d screw it up and have to buy a new mat. So today’s naptime was spent sitting on the floor writing our song out, while I watched yesterdays Dr. Phil (my guilty pleasure!)
Our song was Little Big Town’s “Bring it on Home”, I wasn’t sure if it would all fit, but it did, even with every chorus written out. I had a little space at the end, and I knew it would drive me nuts uneven, so I wrote the artist and song title. Now I just need to print a picture out, that’s our picture book, just getting the feel. But I think black and white will look so pretty. Worked on another picture for the wall, but not quite done- soon to come!
Its far from perfect, my handwriting isn’t the greatest, it’s a mix of cursive and print but hey who cares, it’s for us!


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