Gender Reveal Cupcakes


This week I was blessed with the honor of getting to make gender reveal cupcakes for a good friend of mine from high school. I am so excited for them!! And I was so excited that I would get to be in on the secret! Really a secret they waited to find out too. I definitely couldn’t have. And I think they turned out so cute!

She brought me this envelope.IMG_3757

I had been trying to guess what I thought it would be, I said girl, but all the girls I’ve been friends with in school have had boys, weird! She had said blue and pink frosting on them, but I had to do a little something fun for the tops of them. So I made theseIMG_3754IMG_3753 And I must say they are so cute! (and if you don’t like them, well your no fun!)
So after she left, I opened the envelope and got to filling. I used a cupcake corer, I got mine at Country Kitchen Sweetart(Dangerous store for me!) You could definitely just use a knife, but this was so easy to use, and I know I’ll use it again and again! After I filled them I replaced the cap.IMG_3756


After getting them all filled I started piping, I just did a simple swirl, then topped them with the fondant circles.IMG_3763


I of course had to alternate the colors in the carrier, then my OCD kicked in an I had to also alternate chocolate and vanilla.IMG_3773


I then sealed up the envelope and gave it back to her, so she could see her sweet baby’s ultrasound picture!

…….Well do you want to know what it is???( if you couldn’t tell)

What did I say all us girls have had boys!

What did I say all us girls have had boys!

I am so excited for her,her husband , and her whole family! Being a mommy is so wonderful!! Now I can’t wait to make her a gift for her baby shower!


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