Weight Watchers, here’s to a healthier, happier, hopefully thinner me!

I will admit I signed up for weight watchers last summer, but I was never very good about tracking. I do not have an iPhone to use the app and it was hard with a toddler to get to the computer to always keep track, and hanging with my nephews, wanting to make them all sorts of good stuff didn’t help either. But I have always struggled with my weight, in high school I lost 25 pounds during the summer of my sophomore and junior year, I used slimfast and was very active at camp. Then gradually put the weight back on over the next five years, but then lost it again for our wedding, with a mix of slimfast and healthy eating and joining a gym. And of course gradually put the weight back on over the years, then add pregnancy weight. And now he is about to turn 2, and I’m stuck! My husbands work is doing a program in which they will pay 100% for weight watchers online, so I said no time like the present, I’ve tried to do it on my own and I cant I need help, I need something to hold me accountable! Sp I am only on day 2 but I am tracking everything I eat as I eat it (with some serious searching finally found how to track it on my windows phone), with being a SAHM with a spouse who works 2nd shift it is very difficult to find time to myself to exercise, and I don’t really like to, I’ll be honest. But I’m trying to find some fun ways to incorporate it into my day. So I’m hoping putting it on here will help hold me accountable, and maybe I’ll get to do a liberating before and after picture :). So wish me luck!


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