Simple Table Decor

I have switched our kitchen table around so much the last couple years, decor wise. I wanted something small, simple, pretty to look at, and easy to move. (is that too much to ask?!)
And after living here 3 and half years, I think I got it! And it was under my nose most of the time!
The yo-yo runner I made 3 years ago. The little milk bottles I got at big lots, probably 2-3 years ago, they’ve just been jumbled around the house. Had to hunt down the third one, finally found it! YAY! I originally was gonna tie a ribbon around them, but didn’t really like any of my choices on hand, so I tried jute and loved it.
I thought after a few days it needed some flowers though, was thinking yellow would be pretty. Then on a short trip to Michael’s for some paint for my home bound mother, I found these pretty ones that match the one plant in there now, they were a $1.19 for a bundle of 3, I used 2 so it would look fuller. And I now can fully say that I LOVE it!


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