More than cookies, memories….

Now I like to cook, but I love to bake. I always enjoyed helping my mom in the kitchen, and I had a Great Aunt that used to put me on her kitchen counter and just let me make all sorts of strange concoctions. It was only years later did it dawn on me that most likely when she would try them, was she actually pretending. But that was the wonderful kind of lady she was. I took Home Ec. loved it. But wasn’t really till I was 19-20 did I really realize my love of baking. It became one of my stress relievers, which sometimes isn’t so great, for I tend to also be a stress eater, but I’m working on that. But anyway it’s one thing on a gloomy or rough day that always makes me feel better even if it’s just an easy batch of chocolate chip cookies, I always try to keep chocolate chips on hand for this very reason. J is at the point where he loves to help me do anything and in the last couple months, he’s been helping in the kitchen, he stands on a stool right next to me. And today it truly hit me, we’re not just making cookies (it was one of those days) but we’re making memories. I know he is still young ,in two months exactly he will be 2, but they have flown by. And someday in the future he won’t want to help me anymore, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that, but I know they grow up. But for now I will continue to take his help in the kitchen, because I hope one day he looks back with fond memories, no matter what we were making. I’m sure one day I’ll even let him try his hand at his own concoctions, and I’ll pretend to eat it.


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