The little things…

I from time to time, while cleaning out the pantry, find boxes with just a little bit left in there. (which drives me nuts) But it always leads me to make one of J’s favorite snacks – Hodge podge. (basically a mix of what is left in each box put into one container). Since it’s one of his favs I always feel like an awesome mom when I make it (and you have to take those moments when you can! ). I’ve been trying to get our pantry under control, and not so jumbled. So while cleaning today, some Hodge podge was made. Today’s batch consisted of multi grain cheerios, Elmo cereal, trix, gold fish, cheez its, animal crackers, and a couple handfuls of mini marsh mallows. Sometimes when giving him a bowl of it, I’ll throw in some raisins or craisins, but they tend to get hard mixed with everything else. He really loves it, daddy even eats it too at times. Me I’m not so much a fan, I’m kinda weird about all the flavors intertwined.. But its great to keep in the car or the diaper bag. I can’t take the credit my mom used to make it for the kids at the daycare we worked at. But it is a fun little snack to eat or look at!


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