DIY Floorcloth


I had planned on writing about this a week ago, then the hubs had some unexpected shift changes, so I took that time and spent them with him. And had every intention of doing it yesterday during nap, but naptime came and went with no nap. So J actually is spending some time at G-ma and G-pa’s today, to give this momma a much needed little break. So here it is…

I of course had seen this one pinterest and had it saved for a sometime project, and while painting the back door I got paint on our excisting rug, and it was looking kinda sad. So I thought it was time.

It used to be so bright and cheerful, now just kinda looks sad

It used to be so bright and cheerful, now just kinda looks sad

I hadn’t even started working and someone was already whining at me… My sweet Bubba (major momma’s boy!)IMG_3090
I found it here through pinterest But it is originally from here ( I could spend hours just going from blog to blog to blog!)
I had bought a yard of this Home Decor fabric for another project but went another direction, so I thought it was perfect for this!IMG_3084
 It's from Joanns

It’s from Joanns

I didn’t use all of the fabric, so it will just be up to you what size you want it to be. You will also need: a rubber rug,( mine is from Menards, it was over by the carpet on a roll and I had to have them cut it for me)( I had to get mine twice because I was too stubborn and didn’t listen to my mother and ended up with too small aof a piece) anyway– WATER BASED polyurathane, the other will yellow, I used polycrylic, a paint brush, Duct tape, and spray adhesive.IMG_3086
On one side mine had ridges, so I used the smooth side.

On one side mine had ridges, so I used the smooth side.

IMG_3088 I figured out what my size would be.IMG_3092 I wanted it to fit right up against the door, cause stuff gets tracked in there all the time. I used a long ruler and my hubs big exacto knife to cut it. I ironed my fabric ( I had read in comments that it helped in the adhesive part) I sprayed the adhesive on the mat, then placed it on top of the back of the fabric. (I had gotten repositionable adhesive, this was better for me cause I had to re place it a few times)IMG_3093 Once I got it on and believed it to be straight I flipped it over, smoothed it out, then I cut my fabric down. You will want to leave it a few inches out so that you can fold the fabric over the back.IMG_3094 Then I took it to the table- (my kitchen table is where most of my projects take place)IMG_3095 I actually used a lint roller over it before I started brushing the polycrylic on.IMG_3096
This is after two coats, getting shiny!

This is after two coats, getting shiny!

In all I did 3 coats, it gets alot of traffic at that door. ( I used newspaper underneath but I recommend using plastic, I had to peel paper off at parts where it stuck) When it was all dry,(I waited overnight) Flip it over and you can start taping the fabric to the mat, trust me no one will see the bottom. I worried about the way it looked too, but I’m over it now! They have the perfect way to fold corners on thier site, I had no idea to do it this way. One reason I wanted to replace the old rug was it was always sliding around and constantly getting stuck under the door. DRIVING ME NUTS!! So I really wanted to make sure this one was not going anywhere! So I taped one of those skid mats to it too.IMG_3112 And after all the taping…. YOU ARE DONE! Put your rug down and enjoy! I love the fact that I can wipe any dirt that the dogs track in. I will be great for the summer.

I did notice that when I was applying the polycrylic, the adhesive wasn’t fully holding down the fabric in some places, but I’m not sure if its because I was using repositionable, or if it would have done that anyway. I wasn’t totally sold, I realized I had cut it slightly slanted but, I got over it nad now I really do love it!! I plan on eventually making more.


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