This is our life…

Every morning I start my day by waking up to crying. Our son is almost 2 and he wakes up crying every morning, he doesn’t yell for me, or just sit in his bed and talk, no this is bloody murder crying. He also ranges his wake up time anywhere between 4 to 6 o’clock ( I know, jealous right?) Today was a 6 o’clock day, super excited when I wake up and see the clock and it’s not 4. Two days ago he even slept till 7:45, I had to go in and make sure he was alive! He has never slept that late, ever! Now my husband was the man who could sleep till 4 in the afternoon, so how did I get the kid who doesn’t sleep!?! Just in the last 2 months has he started taking a good nap and that’s because I now just let him sleep on the couch. But anyway, sorry for the rant. We start our morning with milk and mommy gets to watch one of her DVR’d shows then we turn on sprout. Now I love sprout, its a wonderful channel, he learns alot and so have I. I now know the theme song to every show, what time each show is on. I only know 2 channels on our cable, sprout (1505) and PBS (1003). After singing word for word the Caillou song, the other day, I looked at my hubs and said “This is our life.” We might not have the coolest life in some eyes but, it is our life. We chose to be parents, we made this decision to create this life together. And for all the early wake ups, songs stuck in my head all day, planning a schedule around naptime, and all the toys everywhere. No matter the rough days ( trust me there’s been more than a few). For me becoming a parent was the best decision we ever made. There’s this boy, he stole my heart, he calls me mom.


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