Colorful Crayon Organizer with Liner

IMG_3175 So I was cleaning up a little boys closet when I got to his art supplies, and just had the jars of crayons sitting on the shelf because I had to take bake my cake pan, for a cake- go figure! this is sorta the original one I made( minus a jar he threw on the floor).IMG_3125
I found it here. I was so cute, but not very prctical for a toddler( lack of thought on my part) then I had remembered seeing something like this.
I thought well I have 1 shoebox, but don’t really want one that big, then it occured to me (since I can’t throw anything away!, Don’t call hoarders yet!) I have the shoe boxes tucked away from Jakob’s shoes cause they were so cute and tiny I just could’nt throw them away!

So I pulled out a box, decided to spray paint it bright green for fun!IMG_3127IMG_3132IMG_3133 Then I wrangled up some toliet paper tubes, sprayed them with Lysol (cooties, ewww) I cut them in half, but whatever you want.IMG_3126IMG_3129 I painted the outsides and about halfway inside. You of course don’t have to do this, I just thought it would add some fun, and anything I can do to help him learn his colors I’m game. ( Trying to make him a weird genius, so no girl will ever want to take him from me! kidding sorta) IMG_3158IMG_3157 So here is the box all painted,

I hot glued that little flap down. Fun though, right?

I hot glued that little flap down. Fun though, right?

I decided I wanted to make a liner for the box, so it didn’t look like a shoebox, I have used this tutorial before and loved it. (It’s the easiest way for me to do it) I meausured out my sides and bottom, and added an inch or so to the sides for the fold over, I’m a visual person so I have to cut a pattern.IMG_3159 After I cut them out I used my iron and ironed a small fold, for the seam on all of the sidesIMG_3163IMG_3164 After that I pinned two sides to the bottom and sewed those onIMG_3167IMG_3168 after sewing those on repeat with the last two sidesIMG_3169 Then I just pinched the corners togetherIMG_3170 and ran them threw my machine, they didn’t always line up perfectly, I say thats my personality shining thru. After I got all four corners done this is what it looked like IMG_3171 I placed it in my box, then had to figure out why it wouldn’t lay right( cause I had it sideways) DUH! IMG_3173IMG_3172 I then placed a piece of paper in the bottom so the crayons wouldn’t mark on the fabricIMG_3174 Then I put the tubes in. And add your crayons!IMG_3175IMG_3176 I love how it turned out, and if he throws it or takes them all out, its just cardboard and I don’t have to clean up broken glass again. He loves it.IMG_3178


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