Cookie Sheet, This Week memo board


So I am a Pinterestaholic! I admit it openly! It’s like my crack, I can’t stop, nor do I want to!! but I had pinned long ago this nifty Goal list and I wanted it. I need motivation!, it is so cute, but I thought it was a pdf, when I realized it wasn’t I was kinda bummed. But then I remembered seeing this Super cute! Then I got super excited! Because I am like my mother (mean that in a good sense!) and I cannot get rid of some things. (This is always in my head- what if I find a use then I threw or gave it away, what then?!?) So I tend to hang on to things till I get absolutely tired of moving it. But anyway, This past weekend when Kyle (the hubs) and his wonderful stepdad Terry were installing my new dishwaher (YAY!!) They had to empty some of the cabinets, one of which being my cookie sheet, cooling rack one. Well when all said and done I realized how many cookie sheets (and cooling racks- thats for another time 🙂 couldn’t throw them away!) I have two pampered chef stones that I ALWAYS use, but found this small, cheap, and kinda rusty one in there, so since I couldn’t get rid of it I stuck it in my cupboard in the garage, and lo and behold I found a use!! SEE I’m not just a packrat, but a resourceful one at that!!



So I new I had some paper that I’ve been dying to use just couldn’t figure out what forIMG_3068< Then I spray painted my cookie sheet, right now I’m in love with the Rustoleum bronze metal spray paint, (been busy using it on our existing door knobs, but have used it on everything!) IMG_3069IMG_3073 pulled out the trusty Mod Podge! Then I cut my paper to the size I wanted each, I knew I wanted them to slightly overlap each other.IMG_3070 But I had to round the edges, so I just laid the cookie sheet and over my paper an traced it, then used that piece as a template for the bottom paper.IMG_3071IMG_3072 So started in with the Mod Podge,. I used a thin coat and put each piece in, then put a thin coat on top, I had a few air bubbles just tried to work them out, I have also found if you take a needle or pin and carefully poke a small hole it helps, IMG_3075 I ended up doing two coats on top, to make sure my pretty paper was protected. I knew I wanted to do some form of words on it, but didn’t want to cover it all up with post its, so I got on my Cricut Craft Room and played around a littleIMG_3102 Came up with this, I know so hard!, but decisions, decisions!IMG_3103 LOVE cutting vinyl, have used it more for that than actual scrapbooking! And instead of transfer tape I’ve been using contact paper, much cheaper and get so much more! IMG_3105 So it’s done and I LOVE it, used a mix of each. Now to hang it, I have been using these to hang everything these days, their great and easy!IMG_3104 I knew exactly where I wanted it! I put it on the end of my cabinet right by my pantry door, Momma’s memo sheet. Put my notes to myself, put recipes for the week, still use for goal or whatever you want!IMG_3108 So Cute! I love it!

Since I showed you this paper, had to show the wool applique I did when I first got the cupcake paper, a few years ago.IMG_3115 It hangs in my kitchen, want to find a frame for it but kinda an awkward size. Just goes to show you can find inspiration anywhere!


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