My First Blogging Experience-scary!!!

So my name is Jasmine, and I thought that this could serve as a diary of a sort. To help me document my many, many projects, whether they be big or small, fail or succeed! I am a mother of 3, the oldest two are coverd with fur and have paws ( yes I am one of those people) we definitely consider our dogs a major part of our family! Miss Charly CakesIMG_2658 (the princess) will be five this year and our big , dopey boy Mr. Bettis BakerIMG_2703 aka Bubba will be three. Oh did I mention they are mini Dachsies, that makes me a crazy Dachshund lady! which I claim proudly! (YES we have raced them!:))

Then we have our oldest/youngest, our sweet boy Jakob.fort-wayne-photographer-children-jakob-2 He is our whole world! I never knew that I could love someone so much!! He makes me absolutely crazy!, and absolutely exhausted! But I could not trade him for anything or anyone! I went through hell to birth him, and then for him to be a NICU baby (blessed with the fact he was only in a week). We had a rough first start into parenthood, everyone says the next one will be easier, but I’m petrified that it will be rougher! He is almost two now, is really getting to the FUN stuff! He is so funny, smart and sweet. He is the perfect mix of his daddy and I!
I have been blessed to be married to my best friend for the last almost five years. He is such a wonderful man, he works very hard so I can stay home and raise our family. He supports me in all I do, and doesn’t mind when I leave housework for another day to work on a project. I love the look he gets on his face when I make him a nice treat, or the thank you I get when I leave him a suprise for when he gets home late from work. He truly is my other half. He is an amazing father, love to watch my two boys playing together.
We as a family are blessed to have a great family! always willing to give a helping hand whether it be with a household item, car, or just babysitting. we would be lost without them!
Well here’s a little about me. Im a mother, wife, daughter, sister, crafter, lover of baking, DIYer, and sometimes crazy lady. I have a pretty eclectic taste in things, I LOVE color, and f I think I can make something on my own, I’ll give it a good try! or I’ll google that! I always have a few things I’m working on. My crafting started as something to do the evenings while my husband was at work, to keep my lonliness at bay, then I when I became a mother I realized all the fun things I could do for him. I do have prior experience in child care, and I have my cosmotology liscense so that’ll explain my ever changing hair. I love to do things on the cheap, and trying different products. I am by no means a writer or photographer, but I will be honest and share my heart, these are things I love, my passions.
So I hope that you will join me on my journey as I discover the things I can and cannot do. The disasters that may ensue, and still my early years of motherhood. Help me discover life, hopefully You will find me helpful, maybe funny, creative, and maybe good at something…..


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